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DMK Media Photography studio in Witney Oxfordshire.

Wedding Photography, live band Photography, studio Photography, family portraits, video editing, and digital canvas prints delivered free to your door throughout the UK.

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We have the following services available:

Wedding Photography:
Finding the right wedding photographer to cover your wedding, can be a fraught and time consuming experience. There is a lot at stake when choosing your wedding photographer as these are the memories which will be with you for a lifetime and passed down the generations. How many times have you been shown the wedding photographs of your parents and grand parents or other friends or family members? Once the wedding is over you will want to show your photographs off to your own family and friends so ensuring you are happy with them is a top priority

Studio Photographer - Location Photographer
Amid the frenzy of everyday life, pause. Stop and think about who and what are truly important in your life.The people closest to you. Husband. Wife. Partner. A first baby. A second, a third... Children. Parents. Grandparents. Family. Friends. Archie (your Highland Terrier).Think about the special bonds that you have with them. Remind yourself that these are the people and the relationships that shape the story of your life. Kids, for instance, only grow up once.Yours is a story that deserves to be told. Not in words. But in images...We're DMK Media Photography. Pioneers of a totally different kind of portrait photography.

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Live band, music photography
Video Editing
Digital Canvas Prints